Playing GOD

Bashir Towdiee
For best experience listen with bass speakers/headphones.

Playing God: A short film about a biochemical engineer and also a loving wife trying to save the life of her ill husband by any means necessary, even if it goes against the social laws of humanity.

Behind the scenes of Playing GOD

1 month pre production, wrote the script on a 9 hour road trip. 2 days shooting, 4 days editing. and 2 days cleaning all the blood up. was shot at my house and garage. all on shoulder rig configurations as it was faster but used tripod and slider for specific shots.

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Bashir Towdiee

Bashir Towdiee - Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Set Design, producer

Dean Kirkright - Actor, Jack

Alexandra Octavia - Actress, Clair

Katrin Towdiee - Sfx makeup artist

James browning - Sound Recordist

Benjamin kearney - 1st AC