Orphaned Courage

Josiah Stendel
Elliot Thompson, a headstrong orphan raised by a retired professional MMA fighter, discovers his long-lost brother is not only alive, but known on every street corner as a ruthless gang leader. As the net tightens, Elliot begins to realize that he’s chasing down more than his past -- it seems both brothers are on a collision course with who they really are.

The full 30-minute film is slated for a release this coming fall!

Behind the scenes of Orphaned Courage

Check out the Behind The Scenes of our featurette - and how we made this film come to life.

Locations played a huge role in this film – we knew from the get-go that we’d need a lot of them. Ambulances, warehouses, alleyways, and skylines added a real big-city dynamic to the film and helped establish the mis-en-scene of the short.

This was filmed on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera with a set of beautiful vintage lenses. Using the stellar Rode NTG3 and Blimp gave us a clean, audio track even in some pretty intense wind - super important for such a dialogue-driven piece!

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Josiah Stendel

Josiah Stendel - Writer, Director, Lead Cinematographer, Editor

Will Salmen - Cinematographer

Rachel Hatcher - Makeup Artist

Shelby Watson - Sound Recordist

Brian Ormes - Gaffer

Jacqueline Boothe - Composer