The Painter

Monday Minis
The Painter is a story of a man named Elmer Craig in the 1950's. Elmer is a Soviet spy who is thinking his actions and life through as he knows it. Will he get away with it or will he get caught?

My Rode Reel 2016 "The Painter"
This Project was only made possible by having great support. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project. I look forward to working with all of you again.


Cast List:
Matthew Lane: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Lighting
Matthew McDonald: PA, Camera A, Lighting
Brandon Lovig: Camera B
Eric James: Audio Engineer
Adam Muxlow: Elmer
Travis Olding: Gun Expert, FBI Agent 1, BTS
Matthew Lane: FBI Agent 2
Andy Rooker: FBI Agent 3
Emily Smyth: Script Editor

Adam Muxlow: 604.825.7305
Andy Rooker:
Eric Pankratz:

Business Contact:
Matthew Lane
Matthew McDonald
Msquared Video Productions

Behind the scenes of The Painter

On this shoot we used:
Sony A7s
Canon 60D x2
Canon T3i
Rode Video Mic Pro
Rode Go
LYX Pro Boom pole

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project.

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VideoMic Pro
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Monday Minis

Matthew Lane - Director, Editor, Writter, FBI Agent 2

Matthew McDonald - Camera A, Lighting

Brandon Lovig - Camera B

Eric Pankratz - Audio Engineer

Adam Muxlow - Elmer

Andy Rooker - FBI Agent 3

Travis Olding - FBI Agent 1, BTS

Emily Smyth - Script Editor