Y-Man the haymaker of power

Real life superhero Y-Man unleashes his bombastic boxing haymakers punches of different varieties, included the dreaded Y-Buster rotating right cross punch.

The quest is to document how far he can make the heavy bag swing/how hard he can hit. Shot in 120 frames per second in order to get slow motion.

Behind the scenes of Y-Man the haymaker of power

Made possible with Videomic Go. The sound quality is totally different with it. I demonstrate the difference how even my voice sounds different with the mic and without.

Videomic Go captures all of my punches in crisp detail that I can enjoy all the nuances of the boom, kaboom and doom of every impact. From the rattling of the chains, to steps on the floor preparing for the punch and to the big impacts.

With slow motion made from original footage of 120 frames per second 1920x1080p I can really enjoy all of my hits over and over again and compare the different punch sounds and see and hear the progress.

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