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M1-S 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
M1-S 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
M1-S 사진

The Incredible Voice

Shlomo 'Wrong Idea'


‪Shlomo beatboxing on the RODE M1-S Dynamic Microphone‬ [HD]

The Incredible Voice

Shlomo 'Wrong Idea'


‪Shlomo beatboxing on the RODE M1-S Dynamic Microphone‬ [HD]

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  • 고출력 네오디뮴 캡슐
  • 카디오이드 극성
  • 잠금이 가능한 온/오프 전원 스위치
  • XLR 보안 잠금
  • 인체공학적으로 설계된 튼튼한 순금속 몸체
  • 낮은 핸들링 잡음
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강인한 구조 및 고출력 네오디뮴 캡슐을 갖춘 RØDE M1-S 라이브 다이내믹 마이크는 전원 스위치를 갖추고 있으며, 매일 연속된 사용에도 최고의 성능을 발휘할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다. 이 제품의 탁월한 내구성은 구매 등록 이후 제공되는 10년의 보증 서비스로 한층 강화됩니다. 인체공학적으로 설계된 M1의 순금속 몸체는 핸드헬드로 쓰일 때 최적의 편안함을 선사합니다. 견고하고 강인하며 완벽한 밸런스를 갖춘 이 마이크는 내부 설계상 핸들링 잡음을 거의 완벽하게 차단하면서도 가벼운 무게를 자랑합니다. 다이내믹 마이크로는 매우 훌륭한 따뜻한 톤의 주파수 반응을 보유한 M1의 부드럽고도 명료한 소리 특성은 라이브 보컬 마이크로서 매우 이상적입니다. 완벽하게 제어되는 카디오이드 극성 패턴은 소리가 새는 현상이나 피드백을 최소화합니다. 온/오프 전원 스위치는 아티스트, 엔지니어, 발표자들에게 무대 위에서 보다 쉽게 마이크를 제어할 수 있게 해 줍니다. 표면과 비슷한 높이의 잠금 장치는 마이크가 실수로 켜지거나 꺼지는 것을 방지합니다. 추가적인 보안을 위해 M1-S는 마이크 케이블을 고정하는 XLR 잠금 장치도 갖추고 있습니다. 업계 최고의 라이브 보컬 마이크로 유명한 M1은 기타 앰프, 킥 드럼, 스네어, 탐 및 퍼커션용으로도 강력한 성능을 발휘할 수 있습니다.

M1-S 제품 사양
M1-S 제품 사양
음향 원리Dynamic
어드레스 타입End
주파수 대역75Hz - 18kHz
출력 임피던스320Ω
민감도-56.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (1.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치) 360.00g
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치)171.00mmH x 51.50mmW x 51.50mmD
보증 1년의 보증 기간은 여기에서 등록을 마치면 10년으로 연장됩니다.
M1-S 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
M1-S 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
M1-S 상품평
M1-S 상품평

The mic is built like the proverbial brick outhouse and with full heavy metal jacket construction...a lifetime warranty with the M1 must be seen as a major plus; I certainly can't think of another manufacturer that offers a similar level of backup... I really like the RØDE M1... it took my weedy voice and made it 100% Rock n' Roll!!!

Pickup Magazine

The tonal characteristics of the RØDE M1 should give good results with the majority of both male and female vocalists... If you like the idea of studio-quality live vocals then it's a great little mic... It's built to last and has a more open-sounding high end than most dynamic mics.

Performing Musician

The dark satin gray finish looks classy and aside from the small Rode M1 lettering near the gold-plated XLR connection there are no other graphics. The gold dot near the pop screen is a nice throwback to Rode’s start in capacitor mics but considering the M1 is a cardiod dynamic this is clearly decorative here.

In hand the Rode M1 feels solid and substantial at 360 grams. Comparatively speaking, the Shure Beta 58a weights in at 278g and the recently reviewed EV N/D767a is a relative flyweight at 260g. Despite the aforementioned porkiness, the Rode is fairly short at 171mm which combined with a relatively fat tapered body feels nicely balanced and comfortable. While the integral grill/pop filter feels pretty stout I would be a bit leary to see what happens the first time this mic gets dropped on its head.

Upon powering up the M1 I noted that handling noise is quite low. Short of swinging the mic around wildly by its cable in raucous fashion it definitely does just as good as its competition. Likewise, feedback with the cardiod pickup pattern is also very well controlled. With the mains up at significantly high levels I had to get dangerously close to the PA speakers before feedback started rearing its ugly head. Plosives were also well controlled with thanks to fairly thick foam contained within the grill.

If I had to make a comparison sound-wise I would call the M1 the illegitimate love child of a SM58 and Beta87A.The Rode exhibits some of the warmness of the SM58 minus the muddiness but seems to share more of the natural flat frequency response sound of the Beta87A. As a result it almost sounds more akin to a condenser mic than a dynamic. The M1 exhibits a nice but not overly pronounced airiness to vocals on the upper end and generally gives the vocals a clarity that is very studio-like in nature.

With the M1, Rode has brought what amounts to a very solid addition into the already somewhat crowded live microphone arena. Their years of experience building top-notch yet within reach studio microphones has led them to create a live vocal mic that not only approaches condenser studio-like quality in sound but is built to withstand ridiculous amounts of abuse. I have a feeling a lot of these will be going strong well after the grill has crusted over with nasty green growth.

Travis North, The Modern Vocalist

Naturally as soon as I got mine home I put it through its paces predominantly on the drum kit A/Bing it with a 57 and a drum mic pack tom clip mic. The M1 killed in all regards. Both my drummer and I were unanimous that it had such a fuller punchier sound then the 57 on snare and on toms it really shone. Best mic I have heard on toms so far. The smooth character of the mic and the subtle low end boost it seems to have just gave the toms so much body but did not detract at all from the nice snap of the skin.
Anyway just wanted to give some feedback and say that I love this mic, I bought it in the hopes it would serve as a great all rounder and it certainly does

Michael, CRISIS

Last friday I've had my first gig singing on the RØDE M1! It was a blaaast!!! Stunning power, a "kick in the ass" punch, excellent feedback rejection, the mic did an amazing job! Very proud to have it! Respect

Screaming Eagle

The RØDE M1 is essentially a Shure SM58 with a new lease on life. The clarity was better. Great warmth. The off-axis sound was great. It looks and feels good. I bought it.

Buzzard, USA
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