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Features and Specifications of the Interview GO and MagClip GO
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Apr 8, 2020
In this video, RØDE Product Specialist Ryan Burke takes us through the features and specifications of four new products in the RØDE Wireless GO range: the Interview GO, MagClip GO, Wireless GO White, and Lavalier GO White.

Yep, the hugely popular Wireless GO compact wireless microphone system is now available in white! Perfect for shooting weddings, business videos, events, interviews and other situations where your subject is wearing white clothing. The Lavalier GO also now comes in white.

The Interview GO is an adaptor that instantly turns the Wireless GO transmitter into a lightweight handheld mic for reporting to on-camera or interviewing in the field. It features a sturdy attachment for the Wireless GO’s cold shoe clip to secure the mic in place, and a foam windshield.

The MagClip GO is a powerful magnetic clip that allows for total flexibility when placing the Wireless GO transmitter on talent. This allows you to get the best recording possible no matter what kind of clothing your subject is wearing.

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