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S1 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
S1 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
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The Humboldt Live Sessions - Teach Me Equals

The Humboldt Live Sessions - Teach Me Equals

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  • 피드백 방지 슈퍼카디오이드 픽업 패턴
  • 튼튼한 금속 구조
  • 열처리된 고강도의 헤드
  • 광택 니켈(S1) 또는 블랙(S1-B) 마감 처리
  • 낮은 핸들링 잡음
  • 10 에서 온라인 등록 시 보증 기간 년으로 무료 연장

RØDE S1 라이브 컨덴서 보컬 마이크는 라이브 무대에서 중요한 이동성, 다목적성, 내구성과 동시에 스튜디오 급 오디오 품질을 원하는 아티스트 및 엔지니어들에게 궁극의 선택이 될 수 있는 제품입니다. S1은 실질적으로 라이브 무대에서 일어날 수 있는 피드백 현상을 차단한 슈퍼 카디오이드 3/4” 컨덴서 캡슐 마이크입니다. 세련된 내장 쇼크마운트 및 내장 하이패스 필터는 원치 않는 저주파 대역 배경 잡음 및 핸들링 잡음을 효과적으로 줄여줍니다. 음향학적으로 최적화된 마이크 헤드 다층의 강철망은 마이크의 감도 또는 주파수 반응을 훼손하지 않으면서 가수의 호흡, 바람, 파열적 소리를 걸러냅니다. 훌륭한 성능과 풍부한 세부 표현을 자랑하는 S1은 녹음 도중 마이크를 손으로 잡는 것을 선호하는 아티스트에게는 이상적인 스튜디오 핸드헬드 보컬 마이크로도 사용될 수 있습니다. 광택 니켈 마감 또는 매트 블랙(S1-B)의 두 가지 종류가 있는 RØDE S1 라이브 보컬 컨덴서 마이크는 오스트레일리아에서 설계 및 생산되었으며, RØDE의 업계 선도적인 10년 보증 서비스 대상 제품입니다.

S1 제품 사양
S1 제품 사양
음향 원리Pressure Gradient
액티브 전자 장치JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
극성 Supercardioid
주파수 대역20Hz - 20kHz
출력 임피던스50Ω
최대 음압151dB (@1kHz, 1kΩ 부하에서 1% THD(전고조파 왜곡))
최대 출력 수준12.5dBu (@1kHz, 1kΩ 부하에서 1% THD(전고조파 왜곡)) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
민감도-46.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (5.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치)18dBA
전원 옵션 +48V phantom power
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치) 308.00g
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치)183.00mmH x 52.00mmW x 52.00mmD
출력 XLR Output
보증 1년의 보증 기간은 여기에서 등록을 마치면 10년으로 연장됩니다.
S1 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
S1 비디오 플레이리스트 보기

S1 상품평
S1 상품평

...offers a real step-up in quality when compared to its dynamic counterparts... To sum up, I would say that if you want studio-mic sound quality on stage, the RØDE S1 is one of the better options available.

Paul White
Sound on Sound

The mic is so sturdy I reckon you could virtually hammer in nails with it. This mic feels almost indestructible.

All in all, there is no doubt that the folks at RØDE have come up with a great mic in the S1 – a sturdy addition to the ‘toolbox of the road’, and a worthy team member of any studio mic collection as well.

Henry Brister
Audio Technology

All in all, the RØDE S1 is an excellent live sound vocal mic; it sounded nice and warm with just enough top-end to make it cut it in the mix. The microphone is durable as well. It was dropped, but the windscreen was okay -- no dents or damage to the microphone.

Keith Morris
Pro Sound Network

The sound is excellent! The vocals really project in the mix. Presence is great, tone is great. The vocals are articulate, no muddiness and there seems to be no coloration of the sound. Summed up, this is an EXCELLENT live microphone! I would buy it again. Great job RØDE!

Gary, USA

I purchased this mic 4 years ago after being told by a pro sound vet that my dynamic mic was ripping me off sonically. Once I received the mic we did the "pepsi challenge" with my old mic to compare. The difference was night & day. Many folks over the years have said that condensers are fragile and tempremental; this one is not. It has stood up to hard use without ever faltering. The only issue I have ever had is that it requires 48v phantom, period. Anything less than 48v will not light it up. Overall the price may seem a bit prohibitive, but when you consider that the sound quality you get from this mic alone is comparable to what you could only get by having an expensive pre-amp. This mic's frequency range is 20-20k ensures that you get all of those frequencies that most mics will not pick up. The guarantee is icing on the cake. If you are on the fence, jump off and buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Smitty, USA

Bought this mic after being reasonably pleased with the Beta 87a I had been using. Wow! What a difference. Everything from a whisper to a scream had more warmth without being muddy, clarity without being brittle and, it just felt like I could connect.

David Sadd, USA

I first heard the RØDE name from a Karaoke buddy who had whispered into my ears about a rising star line of mics - RØDE. That was a few years back.

Then I joined a vocal group. Rather, it's a church choir. At some point I convinced them that RØDE mics are great performers, so we bought a RØDE S1 along with an NT4 pair. Whenever a soloist, especially a male vocalist sang on it, the sound produced was sweet, feedback and plosives free. I know, because I had owned and been using Shure Beta 87, AKG C535EB condenser mics, among other lesser mics. There's certain distinctive sweetness yet being faithful to the voice of the S1 that I missed when using the other mics.

So, I purchase a RØDE NTK for my home use. Its excellent tube stage lets me hear and enjoy all nuances of vocals when played through Mackie 1620 Onyx mixer. The mike, however great it sounds, is to be used strictly in-house only.

Today an S1 arrived from an order placed 2 weeks ago. I instantly hooked it up to the same system, let it cook for a few minutes, and start singing into it. Sure, side by side compared with the NTK, it lacks the ultimate bass and sensitivity of the latter, but I adjusted to the more close-up proximity and voila, a very rich RØDE-family sound can be achieved with the 1/2 priced S1.

Having an S1 and NTK side by side is a very interesting and educational experience that doesn't seem to stop giving me smiles and sheer pleasure.

Thank you RØDE, for creating truly fabulous pro-audio products at down-to-earth prices.

Paul, USA
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