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Digital XLR interface for iOS devices
i-XLR 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
i-XLR 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
i-XLR 사진

RØDE i-XLR and RØDE Reporter App Features and Specifications

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23 판매 온라인 소매업체 i-XLR

  • High quality digital interface for XLR microphones
  • 3m shielded Lightning cable
  • 3.5mm headphone jack with variable level
  • -20dB pad switchable in app*
  • Record status LED on device*
  • Compatible with all dynamic and self-powered microphones

The i-XLR is a broadcast quality XLR to Lightning interface for iOS devices, that allows reporters, correspondents and audio professionals to quickly and easily capture professional interview dialogue to a smartphone or tablet.

A generous three meter shielded cable allows the operator to store the phone in a pocket or bag, and a headphone output with adjustable level on the body makes it easy to monitor your audio during an interview. 

i-XLR 제품 사양
i-XLR 제품 사양
전원 옵션 Powered by device
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치) 125g
등가 잡음 레벨(A-가중치)80mmH x 33mmW x 35mmD
출력 Apple Lightning connector
보증 2 years
i-XLR 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
i-XLR 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
i-XLR 지원
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