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Veteran Aussie Broadcaster Rachel Corbett on How She Got Into Podcasting

Rachel Corbett is a veteran of Australian broadcasting. With more than 15 years' experience in media under her belt, she's a true jack of all trades: writer, radio presenter, educator, and most recently, eminent podcaster. 

As Head of Podcasts for Australian women's media company Mamamia, Corbett has helmed three different shows, which have amassed some 300,000 downloads collectively. These include, Paul and Rach (which was awarded Best of iTunes in 2014), the PodSchool podcast - an excellent show on how to become a better podcaster - and You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere, an interview series where Aussie celebs chat about about how they got into showbiz. She also runs an impressive online course for budding podcasters. If anyone knows how to kick-start a successful show, it's her. 

We asked Rachel to share the story of how she got into podcasting, her wealth of wisdom on how to approach the format, and her tips for getting a show off the ground. Listen below. 

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