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Here's How Collider's Kristian Harloff Got Into Podcasting

If you're a movie buff, there's a good chance you've spent your fair share of time on the Collider Videos YouTube channel. A cornucopia of delights on all things movies, TV, entertainemnt and fandoms, the channel is just one of the hugely successful ventures of the Collider media network. Collider Live! is just one of the many awesome shows on the channel.

A daily bash from the mind of Kristian Harloff, Collider Live! is (as you might have guessed...) a live panel that discusses the latest in news from the world of movies, pop culture and more. They also publish everything as a podcast, so you can listen to it anywhere, at any time.

Kristian is a seasoned podcaster to say the least - he's behind popular shows like 1x1, Collider Jedi Council and Schmoes Knows Movies - so we asked him to tell us how he got into podcasting (through Adam Carolla no less) when the format was just starting to boom, and what advice he has for anyone just starting out. Check it out below. 

Check out Collider Live! here.